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From Results Direct

  • Mobile Event App with year-round engagement
  • Personalized content & actionable member tools
  • Peer Networking

Why a Year-Round App?

  • Facilitates deeper engagement
  • Attracts younger members
  • Extends reach globally
  • Direct line of communication

Take a Tour

Take a tour of the Engagefully app with this interactive demo — without having to download it to your mobile device. Tap or click your way around the app (all buttons and areas are active).

Reasons to Choose Engagefully

100% Control

You control all aspects of your app in real-time: branding, navigation, features, and content

Member Dashboard

Members can quickly view their personalized content, connections, and interactions

Generates Revenue

Engagefully pays for itself by offering new advertising and sponsorship opportunities

Communicate Directly

You can push relevant content and notifications directly to your members' mobile devices


Engagefully is scalable and integrates fully with your AMS and other 3rd party systems


Your back office admin portal enables you to link with RSS feeds, facilitate networking, leverage cloud-based extensions, and manage all content


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